This DIY PIPE SHELF requires lots of small parts but very few tools.  The assembly basically consist of twisting the pipes into the fittings.  The most difficult part is trying to twist each side in evenly so that all of your pipes line up correctly.  Twisting the pipe into the fittings will ultimately shorten each pipe.  You will need to measure throughout the assembly process to make sure that all the lengths are equal.  This is a great DIY project for an apartment or rental property because it does not require you to attach anything to the wall like similar pipe shelving i’ve seen.   It can also be taken apart and packed into a box when it’s time to move!  I’m putting the measurements I used below but it’s best to measure your own appliances and size your pieces accordingly.  You can purchase most of the supplies at your local hardware store but it may be less expensive to purchase them online.  I’ve also included amazon links to some of the parts you will need for this DIY PIPE SHELF.

Part     Qty.    Description

A         4          ¾ inch elbow fitting

B         20        ¾ inch tee fitting

C         4          ¾ inch tee fitting with side outlet

D         4          ¾ inch floor flange

E          7          Side shelf pipes (18”)

-These need to be about 2 inches longer than your shelf depth because you will lose a few inches after you screw them in. These are the pipes that the shelf will rest on top of.

F          20        longer pipes for shelf height (12”-24”)

-I used longer ones on the middle and bottom shelves but if you wanted to make this easier you could do them all the same height.

G         2          back bar (50”)

-For extra support on middle and bottom shelf

-These should be about 2 inches less than the length of your shelves to allow for enough overlap.  (this is connected using part C instead of B on the areas that need extra support)

H         8          short pipes (4”) for top and bottom sections


-Plywood and stain for shelves

-I have 5 shelves that are 52” long x 16” deep x 1” thick.

-I had a piece of glass cut for the shelf that the appliances sit on. This provides extra support and makes it easier to wipe down.

-The pipes may have some grease on them. It’s a good idea to use some soap or degreaser to clean the pipes off before assembling.